Sunday, January 10, 2010

February 9, 1964

(Copyright 2010 Sam Levine)

Missed Seeing this live by a little less than a decade.

These four guys created my favorite music, period.

More updates to follow the lads through the years, coming soon...


  1. Had tickets for Sept. 2, 1964, at Philly Convention Hall. Got mono and couldn't go. Still hurts. Seeing McCartney and Wings years later just wasn't the same.
    Awesome pixels, BTW.

  2. Sorry re: missing that show :(

    Thanks re: pixels! :D


  4. Nice art!

    I was present and accounted for, but way too young to appreciate them (all I understood was that my older sister went gooey over them--YUCK!) I did respect them tho and HELP! is one of my favorite movies (good album too!). Thanks to the video game, our kids are loving them and I have to say I don't mind at all. Even though my older sister is still going gooey over them...


  5. Thanks Will!

    My kids are OBSESSED with the Beatles - especially my 7-year old. At this very moment they are playing and singing 'Get Back'.

    The Beatles are like cartoon characters to them. Clear personalities and fun to inhabit in their imaginations. Of course I haven't explained LSD, groupies and Yoko to them yet. :-P

  6. Fot the record I go all gooey for the Fab 4 too. :o)

  7. I saw Paul preform live at the Hollywood Bowl last night! Awesome show!


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