Sunday, July 18, 2010


(Copyright 2010 Sam Levine)

Just got back last night from an amazing trip with my extended family to Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Parks in Wyoming. We moved around a lot and had lots of kids to wrangle, so not much time to sketch. But I took a short time to do some watercolor sketches in my moleskine book that my lovely wife decorated for me for father's day (pictured here).

Saw lots of wildlife; buffalo, both kinds of bear, pronghorn, bald eagles, osprey and other cool little critters. The geysers were amazing. My one geyser painting here (Mammoth Springs) doesn't do them justice. I had my five year old on my knee while painting - that explains the lack of structure to the foreground boardwalk -- or a convenient excuse ;-) Maybe sometime soon I'll have more time to try and capture their amazingness.

Standing in front of Grand Prismatic Spring is a life changing experience. Highly recommended.


Don't know what this whole area is for

Watch this space, because it will soon have lots of amazing stuff. For example Bold type like this. Different colored words! Amazing things are in store for this box of text. Do not doubt this. Okay I lied. Nothing happening here.