Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Blake Snyder 1957-2009


  1. What a shock it was today to learn that writer, screenwriting teacher and great story mind, Blake Snyder passed away. I've been a big fan of his books since I read them and was privileged enough to sit down with Blake and pitch my movie to him and get his great feedback -- and meet the nicest guy ever to poke holes in a story.

    If you're interested in screenwriting or story in general, I highly recommend reading Blake's books SAVE THE CAT! and SAVE THE CAT GOES TO THE MOVIES. Blake has a sharp sense of story and a down to earth way of demystifying complex problems as seen in this video. His legacy will go on in his great books.

    Unfortunately to those who never met him, you won't get to know what a warm, funny and nice guy Blake was. Enjoy this video - it's a small example of how great this guy was and how much he'll be missed.

    Long live Save The Cat!

  2. Blake's latest and final book, 'SAVE THE CAT! Strikes Back' is fantastic. A fitting conclusion to a great trilogy of screenwriting books. I highly recommend all three. Blake really cared about writers succeeding. His books are all about stepping back from your art and looking for ways to make it better. Read the books in order.

  3. Hi Sam- Just found your blog- and now know what 3 books I'll be ordering next. THANKS!!!
    XXOO Tom

    ps I don't have my own website- but I worked on this one (and still answer the mail that comes in weekly, 4 years later!)

  4. Hey Tom! Nice to see you in my silly corner of the web. Someday I'll do something more substantial with it.

    Enjoy the books. They are great. Also check his website - lots of post that he made before he passed. Mostly it's all in his last book - but there's a lot of fun stuff in there that his followers put up.

    I've been working in story and writing for over 12 years and I've been through all the gurus, all the books. Blake's is the most helpful. Hope you enjoy.

    Oh, and you forgot to post your website :0P


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